Friday, December 2, 2011


3 months Back I ported my mobile number to BSNL.

I simply love the GPRS bandwidth of BSNL.

Earlier I used Airtel GPRS for 6 months.... It works only from mobile. You can not tether it. I tried bluetooth tethering once, it was pathetically slow.

For 2 months I used uninor too .... Which I did not try tethering... I guess it should also be slow.

Both with Airtel and Uninor my mobile GPRS bandwidth usage is max 50 MB per month.

For the past 3 months... I simply tether my BSNL GPRS. It works fantastic. I stopped using my home broadband(Use it only when I need highest speeds).

I guess my Bandwidth usage should be 1-2 GB per month may be more not sure how to measure it(Probably I need to sum ifconfig output...).

For instance I ran yum update with 2 weeks of updates from Fedora 16 since its release. It took just 30 minutes(including the install/upgrade) with a download of 110MB.

I could see download progress meter showing 27KBps.

You know what, I just pay 98Rs per month for this high speed 3GB internet with ROAMING free across India.

For instance I had a nice 20 minutes skype call via GPRS while I was on roaming.


I just checked my monthly GPRS usage, it is over 1.5 GB while I could only consume 50M in airtel.

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Jeyanthan said...

I have been having bad remarks about BSNL these many days. I think it's time for me to rethink and retry BSNL mobile n/w :) Thanks for the pointer that BSNL gprs is free when roaming. !